Balkan Lands

But whatever may be thought of the application of this hypothesis to some parts of the Bible, there are others to which it is plainly inapplicable, and of these the narrative of the Creation is evidently one. No theory of limited inspiration can be admitted to explain any supposed inaccuracies in that narrative. It cannot be liable to those imperfections which are inevitable when men have to obtain knowledge by the ordinary means, because there were no ordinary means by which such information could be obtained. The most carefully preserved records, the oldest traditions could not extend backwards beyond the moment when the first man awoke to conscious existence. For every thing beyond that point the only source of knowledge available was information derived from the Creator Himself. It may be that a revelation of this character was made to Adam in the days of his innocence, that it was carefully handed down to his descendants, and that Moses, under the divine direction, incorporated it into his history; or it may have been directly communicated to Moses by special inspiration--that matters not--but a divine revelation it must have been, or it is nothing; the dream of a poet, or the theory of a philosopher, if we can believe that such a philosopher existed at such a time. But if it be indeed a revelation from the Creator Himself, we cannot imagine that He could fall into any error, or sanction any misrepresentation with reference even to the smallest detail of His own work.

Michael was still snoring on the floor a dumb look on his face. Mark looked around and realized this must have been Pamela's room by all the woman's clothing strewn about. He noticed the leopard print bikini lying on a drawer and picked it up. He lifted the panties up to his nose and sniffed. Mark had turned out the light and was running the bikini panties up and down his massive shaft as he pictured the bikini clad girl he had seen two days ago. He heard the door to the honeymoon suite open and watched as Pamela ran to the bathroom. She seemed to be so happy, and she was glowing as she ran by him clad only in her garters and nylons. He crept out as she went into the bathroom. She hadn't closed the door completely and he peered through the crack. He could see her reflection in the mirror, and she was bent over with a tissue cleaning up Will's large deposit of semen from her pussy. As he watched the beautiful woman scooped up a large glob of semen off her belly with her fingertip. She seemed to study it for a bit and then plopped it into her mouth. Marks foot long cock was pointing right at the unsuspecting girl and it seemed to be pulling him towards her as Mark watched Pamela lick up his buddies sperm. If she wants to taste sperm, he'll let her taste sperm, thought Mark. She sat down on the toilet and began removing her stockings as she urinated, so Mark headed to her room. He met Will at the doorway and Will gave him the thumbs up as he headed down the stairs. Mark heard Pamela leave the bathroom and head back down the hall. He grabbed her and held her in his arms when she entered the room. She hugged him back, a moment before he put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her down. She resisted at first then dropped to her knees before his massive cock. Pamela sighed in her husband's strong arms. She felt his once more erect penis, rubbing against her leg. His big hands were forcing her to her knees and she gave in and dropped down. She could sense his giant penis swaying before her face in the darkness, like a wild animal waiting to pounce. Michael's large hands grabbed the sides of her head and began pulling her forward. "Michael No, I'm not going to do this," she said firmly. His hands kept pulling her forward, they were so strong, they felt like they could crush her if she resisted. "Michael, please don't, it's disgusting." she pleaded again. He just relentlessly pulled her forward so that the fat head of his large penis was pushing at her lips. Her heart was beating rapidly and she could feel the wetness dripping from her legs. She loved the feeling of being helpless and forced to serve her husband's every need. She had no idea Michael was this strong and dominant and she knew that she would be a satisfied woman for the rest of her life. She relented and opened her mouth to the monster trying to get inside. She took the fat head in her mouth and sucked on it for awhile. Pamela removed it from her mouth and began to lick all around the tip of his penis, then down the sides.


 Will smiled as the girl thrashed about in the throes of her first orgasm beneath the relentless pounding he was giving her. He was getting close and his rhythm was starting to suffer. He jerked a couple of times and then grunted as his cum erupted from his cock. Pamela felt his hot seed spray the insides of her vagina and moaned as another orgasm exploded from her body. His penis sprayed what had felt like a gallon of semen inside her before he pulled it out and she felt another glob land on her belly. She felt empty without him inside her. Her husband had collapsed panting beside her and she snuggled into his arms. "Oh Michael, I never imagined sex could be that good," she sighed contentedly. "I love you." Instead of answering he just leaned over and kissed her on the lips. Pamela felt his sperm leaking from her vagina and whispered that she'd be right back and yelped as he smacked her ass playfully." Mark had turned on the light, to investigate the room he was hiding in. He knew from previous experience that he had about an hour until his friend was done breaking in the pretty young bride